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When you need commercial foundation repair work in the Phoenix, AZ area, you have a lot of options to sort through. To start with, you need to pick an expert foundation repair company that can meet your needs and provide high-quality work. You need a foundation repair inspection to see exactly what and where the issue is. Once the foundation problem and its causes have been identified, you need to make the big decision of choosing the best foundation repair technique to solve the problem.


You must weigh the benefits of each possible foundation repair method with the price and the time that it will take, including the impact of the solution on business operations. While there are many decisions to make when you undertake a foundation repair project, the good news is that the specialists at Arizona Foundation Solutions have the experience and customer care records to help you every step of the way. 

Foundation Repair Company


When you have pressure coming in from the sides of your foundation, such as bowing walls, the very best solution will probably be something like helical piles or micro piles. Those stable metal piers for foundations burrow deep within the soil down to the steady bedrock layer and keep the foundation in position. If your issue stems from the slab at the base of your foundation or something pertaining to settling, the foundation may be brought up with pressure grouting. Soil stabilization can commonly be achieved by pulling the space around the foundation with either a chemical grout or a cement-like grout. Those are a few of the major foundation repair solutions offered by Arizona Foundation Solutions.


At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we recognize that you have plenty of decisions when faced with a foundation problem involving your commercial property. You don't want to take guidance from somebody who is just going to tell you what to do and not explain anything. It is best to find a foundation repair company with specialists that have the heart of a teacher, people who are going to describe the issues, layout potential courses of action, and let you make the final decision. We aim to do this with every client on every job.


As Arizona’s premier foundation repair company with decades of experience solving foundation issues in commercial, industrial, and municipal settings, we're here when you need professional, quality foundation repair.

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