Slab Jacking

az slab jacking mud jacking sunken floorsConcrete performance with proper diagnoses can be restored many times. The prevailing thought seems only to remove and replace it. The key is in understanding the cause of the performance failure and utilizing modern advances in materials to affect permanent repairs.

With hard work and perseverance with our engineering and material testing partners, we can usually develop proper repair protocols for rebar rusting in concrete as a result of chloride ion migration, sulfate attack carbonation, or overstress as a result of overloading, or lack of support.

If the solution economics dictate replacement, we are prepared to do that as well. We see it as our mission to provide cost effective solutions that minimize impact and downtime at the same time conserving community resources.

Slabjacking sunken floors or even the lower side of heaved slabs presents an alternative solution with the following advantages:

  • It is usually cheaper than replacement, especially on pavements with architectural finishes.
  • It is permanent.  Consolidation of the sub grade is just as effective as mechanically compacting or better.
  • It is less intrusive.  Working time is much less than replacement
  • Down time is reduced if not eliminated.  Heavy traffic can  use the repaired slab almost right after repair (with in minutes)
  • It is safer.  Less risk of accidents during repairs.
  • It is environmentally friendly--- no filling up the landfills, saves on resources, especially cement.


A hole is drilled through the concrete where the concrete mixture will be pumped through. A concrete sand mixture is then pumped through untill the concrete slab is raised to the appropriate level. Concrete is used to patch the up the holes.