Design Assist

More and more owners, General Contractors and Engineers are realizing the benefits of design Assist and including the specialty sub contractor as a part of this design team.

There Are Many Benefits Of Design Assist

1. The pool of qualified forensic contractors is limited.

2. Most forensic engineers agree that the experience of the contractor is critical to developing an implementable solution.

3. The cost savings and reduced down time that result from design-assist collaboration are greater than the savings from design-bid-build process.

4. In a forensic project, quality is more important than price because of the high cost of failure. (future downtime, liability, structural failure)

5. State of the art products and techniques can be designed into the project from the start for the benefit of the owner.

6. Much of the unknowns of a forensic project are not able to be quantified effectively up front if at all

7. Because of the magnitude of the unknowns, controls can be built in to assure fairness during the project to protect the owner.

8. The risk is shared- eliminating artificial additions by the contractor before and during the job.

9. Innovations from collaboration with engineers, chemists, and contractors, lend themselves to more sustainable solutions. (Green)       

design build assist engineer foundation

Here are just a few of the many successful projects that we have provided design assist for:

B of A Bank Renovation – Carbon fiber structural strengthening

Retaining Wall -Stabilized With Carbon Fiber and Grouted Soil Nails

ACF Cornerstone Floor – Compaction grouting and foundation underpinning

Lincoln Towne Centre – Compaction grouting

Hotel Indigo – Pre-construction Helical Piles, no room for caissons

Sub Zero Warehouse- Pre-construction helical piles- upgrade warehouse interior

UPS Distribution Center –Pre-construction helical piles for mezzanine addition

SRP Generation Station – Mico-pile anchors for guy wires

Marriott Camelback Inn – Adobe structure restoration