Helical Piles

Helical Pile Pier InstallationStronger, faster and less expensive caisson substitutes for:

  • Building Shoring
  • Building Raising
  • Retaining Wall Stabilization
  • Heavy Equipment Support
  • Poorly Stabilized Soil Problems

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Micro Piles

Micropiles are small diameter piles, approximately 30mm in diameter, which can be installed in almost any type of soil where piles are needed. In areas where conventional methods cannot be used such as restricted access or low headroom areas, micro-piles are a good solution and are appropriate for a wide range of ground conditions.

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Pressure Grouting

Pressure GroutingSoil Stabilization using grouts:
Compaction grouting is the controlled injection of low-slump, lo mobility, soil/cement grout into the subsurface soils. The intent of the grouting program is to compact loose, coarse-grained soils and displace and/or densify fine-grained soils. The grout is injected at designed depths and locations in a grid pattern at high pressure. As a result, the viscous grout forms into a bulb or column at the desired depth, displacing the soil, densifying it, resulting in improved bearing capacity.

CLSM -Cementious Grouting, is the intrusion under pressure of flowable particulate grouts into open cracks and voids and expanded fractures to improve its strength or reduce permability. Cement grouting is most commonly performed by drilling holes into the foundation to intercept open racks, joints, fissures or cavities, then pumping under pressure balanced and stabilized grout mixes using a combination of cement, water, and additives. Work generally begins with a base mix and is modified during the grouting process with subsequent mixes in order to achieve closure by reducing permability to a predetermined value.

Intrusion/Prementation Grouting is a procedure in which a very high cement ratio grout is injected into the soil under pressure to cause controlled fracturing of the soils. Upon initial grouting, fractures develop along the planes of weakness, which may be bedding planes or minor principal stress planes. Repeated injections tend to cause fractures along different planes which causes the soil to harden.

Cellular Concrete is an effective combination of Geofoam, an advanced foaming agent and cement slurry. GEOFOAM is a modified aqueous concentrate of a surface-active Polypeptide-Alkylene polyol condensate, specially formulated to yield a stable, voluminous micro bubbled foam. The foam is used for prducing cellular or foamed concrete used for the replacementof unstable soils, density controlled load relief, and void fills while increasing compression and sheer strength.

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