Geotechnical and Structural Construction Experts

Arizona Foundation Solutions has developed more than 22 innovative solutions for soil improvement, deep foundations and structural repairs! Our services include raising and lowering foundations, infrastructure remediation, soil improvement by pressure and compaction grouting, micro piles, helical piles. The concrete repair solutions include epoxy injection, carbon fiber strengthening and corrosion remediation.

Foundation Repair AZ Helical Piles
Arizona Foundation Repair Micro Piles
Pressure Grouting Foundation Slab Repair AZ

Commercial Foundation Solutions

For decades many of our trusted long term clients have relied on our experience and integrity. Our experience and investment in cutting edge technologies, have earned recognition and awards for our innovative sustainable solutions.

You Have Challenges - We Have Solutions

Most of our solutions are built around the principals of minimal down time, permanent long term performance and less use of resources to accomplish the goal, usually saving money on first time costs, definitely saving money in long term costs while maximizing property values.

Innovation Balanced with Integrity

If your only solutions involve hammers, then all of your problems start looking like nails. Throughout the state of Arizona, industry experts have trusted us for our impartial advice. Rather than trying to pound round pegs into square holes they know that we balance our innovation with the integrity of advising solutions that are in their best interests as opposed to a limited number of solutions.


Bob Brown, owner and operator of Arizona Foundation Solutions (AFS), previously owned and operated Arizona Ramjack L.L.C. until 2014.  AFS employs the same installation personnel and uses the same facilities and most of the same equipment as were previously employed and used by Bob Brown, as a Ram Jack Dealer.  However, Bob Brown and AFS are no longer affiliated with or associated with Ram Jack.