Carbon Fiber Structural Strengthening

Carbon Fiber Concrete Repair AZBy utilizing the incredible strengthening properties of Glass, Kevlar, and Carbon Composites, you can save money, minimize down time and conserve resources that would be required to remove and replace such infrastructures.

Modern advances in materials have helped increase strengths for a diverse set of projects ranging from the space shuttle, Boeing 777 Dreamliner to speculation of constructing the space elevator. These materials have made their way in to mainstream construction and are creating numerous benefits.

Arizona Foundation Repair have become certified applicators for HJ3 Composites and is the preferred applicator for the Arizona Region. HJ3’s is one of the world leading authorities on the use of these materials in the construction environment.

Composite materials consist of Kevlar, Carbon and Glass that are suspended in specifically engineered epoxies to provide the composite mix thermally compatible with the substrate being repaired (concrete, steel, wood etc).

Materials Advantages:

  • Strength: Carbon Fiber is up to 10 times stronger than steel
  • Light Weight: up to 4 times lighter than steel
  • Corrosive Resistant: up to 20,000 hours of testing in ph2 to 13 environments with very little degradation. This allows it to be placed directly on a tension face with no worries of deterioration.
  • Non Invasive Application: can be done in working environments with little or no removals of existing infrastructure.
  • Non Toxic: NSF approved can be applied in working environments
  • Fast: Most repair strategies can be done with little or no down time.
  • Cost: Although the materials are expensive, the overall method is usually far less expensive than the traditional methods.
  • Green: Saves on use of natural resources needed for replacement including landfills for the demolition debris.