Foundation Repair in Arizona: Overcoming Challenges in Industrial Building Restoration

Foundation Repair in Arizona: Overcoming Challenges in Industrial Building Restoration - Image 1
Foundation Repair in Arizona: Overcoming Challenges in Industrial Building Restoration

Raising a Sunken 300,000sf. Industrial Building by 15" in Arizona

The task of salvaging an industrial building facing foundational issues involves intricate steps and unforeseen challenges. In the case of this 300,000 square feet property, the foundation repair process uncovered a series of obstacles that demanded innovative solutions and expert intervention.

Addressing Predrilling Challenges and Push Piles in AZ

The initial phase involved predrilling holes for the installation of push piles, crucial for stabilizing the sinking structure. Unexpectedly, some drilled depths revealed openings lacking resistance, posing concerns during the installation of the push piles. Despite the lateral integrity provided by sleeved push piles, the absence of tension connections raised the possibility of pipe sections dropping into voids during installation.

To tackle this concern, a solution emerged: welding each pipe section during installation. This added complexity to the project but significantly bolstered confidence in the pile contiguity, ensuring a more secure foundation.

Navigating Varied Depths and Construction Conditions in Arizona

The depth of some piles reached extraordinary measures, spanning between 200 to 300 feet. Ordinarily, such conditions might trigger worries about pipe section separation. However, the welding technique implemented during installation mitigated this concern, ensuring structural integrity.

The strategy of utilizing dock doors for predrilling proved effective in certain sections. However, limitations arose in areas devoid of these doors, especially near man doors and fire system risers. In these locations, piles had to be installed four inches away from the tilt wall face, presenting unique challenges in the construction process.

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Initiating Building Elevation in AZ

Following months of meticulous drilling, the stage was set to commence the building's elevation. Over 100 lifting jacks were positioned for simultaneous lifting, marking a significant phase in the restoration. The initial attempts, while witnessed by a sizable audience, yielded a modest lift of only half an inch in the first few hours. Subsequently, when the onlookers departed, additional progress of a few more inches was achieved.

The lifting process commenced at the building's corner most affected by foundation settlement. However, as progress ensued, signs of stress surfaced in the piles, a concerning anomaly in the restoration process. Upon reevaluation and thorough calculations, it became evident that the initially provided weight of the building was underestimated, prompting the hiring of an external engineer, Tony Polusny PE from Pangolin Structural.

Redefining Load Calculations and Further Pile Installations

With the expertise of an additional engineer, the true weight of the building was accurately determined, necessitating a substantial increase in the number of piles required to support the revised loads. This realization redirected the focus back to extensive drilling and additional pile installations, ensuring the necessary support for the building's structural integrity.

The journey of salvaging this sunken industrial edifice showcases the complexities of foundation repair and the critical role of accurate calculations and innovative techniques in successful restoration endeavors.

Arizona's Landscape and Foundation Work: Challenges and Solutions

Arizona's unique terrain poses distinctive challenges for foundation repair. The arid environment and soil composition can significantly impact the stability of structures, requiring specialized solutions for effective repairs. Residential foundation repair contractors in Arizona must navigate these challenges while adhering to industry standards to ensure durable and lasting solutions for homeowners.

In conclusion, the intricate process of raising a sunken industrial building exemplifies the expertise and adaptability required in foundation repair, emphasizing the significance of accurate assessments and innovative strategies in resolving structural issues.

The ongoing journey of revitalizing this structure underscores the importance of diligent planning, expert collaboration, and adaptability in overcoming unforeseen challenges in foundation repair projects.
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