Pressure Grouting

Commercial Pressure Grouting

What Is Pressure Grouting?

Pressure grouting, specifically compaction grouting, is a solution for issues involving low-density and low-strength soils. In many foundation repair or structural strengthening jobs, poor soil quality is the root cause of a significant portion of the damages to the structure or foundation. Through the use of compaction grouting, soils can be densified and compacted at points of weakness around a structure, offering a stable foundation from which additional solutions can be applied without worrying about the potential impact of poor soil.

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Advantages of Pressure Grouting

  • Provides support for weak structures and slabs
  • Can provide protection for buried infrastructure since the soil is raised with the structure
  • Can provide support in tight-access locations
  • Offers a broad spectrum of soil stabilizing applications

How Is Pressure Grouting Installed

Pressure grouting installation process

The pressure grouting process entails multiple steps, beginning with site surveillance and soil type analyses. Our soil engineers will identify the depths at which the weak and strong soils rest, so we know exactly where to apply pressure grouting for maximum effect.


Once a desired depth is established, an injection casing is powered into the soil in the area where grouting will be applied. Typically, an air-powered driver or hydraulic hammer is used. When penetration of harder soils is required, some pre-drilling is often necessary, and usually necessitates the use of a down-in-the-hole hammer. Arizona Foundation Solutions operates several state-of-the-art TEI Rotary down-in-the-hole-hammers specifically to excel in this field, ensuring that no customer's job is too tough to handle properly.


When the injection casing has reached the proper depth, pressurized grouting materials are injected into the area to compact and densify the soil. Once a volume, pressure, or ground movement marker has been met, the casing is raised 12 to 24 inches and the same grouting process is repeated until the desired mass of grouting is reached.

Why Arizona Foundation Solutions?

We have invested in down-in-the-hole hammers, pneumatic moles, Putzmiester high-pressure grout pumps, hydraulic extraction equipment, and Cementech mobile grout plants. Additionally, we have continuously invested in the training of our experienced staff with our world-renowned consultant Sam Bandimere, ensuring a combination of top-flight equipment and masterful workmanship from our field teams.


We operate the following machinery in commercial compaction grouting applications:

  • Custom-modified High-Flow Cat 305
  • Cat 359D High-Flow All-Terrain skid steer
  • Multiple masts and various sizes of down-in-the-hole hammers
  • Multiple air and pneumatic casing drivers
  • Several Putzmeister high-pressure grout pumps
  • Cementech mobile concrete batch plant
  • Custom batching equipment
  • Aerix foam generators

We offer impartial analysis of your potential project by an experienced solution consultant, backed by our in-house structural and geotechnical engineering staff. For additional information, contact Arizona Foundation Solutions today.

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