Shear Walls

Shear Walls in Commercial Structures

Shear wall installation is a technical challenge for any construction project. Shear walls are vertical wall systems that transfer lateral wind and seismic load from a structure's elevated areas, like its roof, down to the lower levels of the building and eventually to the floor. These load-bearing walls require precise and powerful support to avoid issues like buckling, vertical and horizontal shearing, or flexural failures.

Shear wall carbon reinforcement

Arizona Foundation Solutions has the expertise and the tools to repair damaged shear walls and to support stable shear walls with long-lasting foundation strengthening products. In tight-access, indoors, and other difficult scenarios, our teams of professional foundation repair and shear wall support experts can ensure the lasting stability of your structure.

Commercial Structure Shear Wall Applications

  • New Openings: In both commercial and residential buildings, owners often require the removal of a section of wall to fit new windows, doors, or other ports. In these scenarios, the walls adjacent to the new port will be burdened with increased load after losing some structural integrity when a section was removed. Additionally, removing the weight of the wall section from the overall structure increases the potential for uplift forces to cause excess strain on the remaining structure. Many times, the modifications require additional resistance to overturning or other lateral forces that can be effectively resisted with helical or micro piles. A NO Dealers's suite of foundation support solutions and decades of expertise in the field allows us to provide the perfect solution to exactly meet your needs. Shear wall support operations can be technical and complex challenges, requiring the highest degree of expertise and workmanship to ensure the integrity of your structure. When you need the best, call in the experts at Arizona Foundation Solutions.
  • Shear Wall Repairs: Load-bearing walls in commercial structures often require additional support to maintain the building's overall strength. Helical piles and micro piles are effective in both tension and compression, and a system of two or more can be used as a couple moment to resist overturning. Arizona Foundation Solutions specializes in all things foundation, and our helical and micro pile systems can access the tight spaces of commercial building interiors to provide your building's shear walls with additional support. We can repair damaged shear walls and install support systems to avoid future issues, saving you costs in the long term while relieving your short-term problems.

Commercial Sheer Wall Solutions

We offer solutions for a variety of commercial shear wall applications, including repairing damaged walls, shoring existing structural elements, and providing long-term foundation support for load-bearing vertical structural elements.

When you partner with Arizona Foundation Solutions, you're partnering with decades of experience and the highest degree of professionalism. Our project managers and in house engineers will work closely with your engineer of record to arrive at cost effective, innovative, engineering vetted solutions that will have long term performance.

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