Vapor & Gas Infiltration

Commercial Vapor & Gas Infiltration

Vapor and gas infiltration can occur in both residential and commercial spaces, regardless of the building's size. While most common vapors and gasses are inert and pose low risks to both structures and the people inside them, there are some that can cause significant damage over time if left untreated.

Arizona Foundation Solutions is your local expert in alleviating gas and vapor infiltration situations. Whether it's water vapor, radon gas, or any other unwanted chemical compound, we have the solutions to mitigate future damages and remedy those that have already occurred.

Vapor & Gas Mitigation Applications

Moisture accumulation method
  • Radon Gas Mitigation: Radon gas is a harmful compound found in soils across North America and the world, which forms as radioactive radium breaks down. Certain areas are more likely to encounter this chemical than others, and the extent to which the gas impacts people with whom it makes contact varies by the person's duration of exposure. The gas is forced up into a structure through cracks in walls, porous holes in concrete foundation slabs, and gaps between connective materials in the basement or ground floor of your building. Arizona Foundation Solutions has devised an innovative system that mitigates the infiltration of gasses into your commercial structure, including radon. We can ensure that safe levels of radon are always maintained, regardless of your structure's size.
  • Water Vapor Infiltration: The most common gas that A NO Dealers is tasked with mitigating is water vapor. While it would seem harmless at first thought, water vapor can cause significant damage to a commercial foundation. Pressures from water vapor can build, forcing vapor into the concrete slab where it condenses and moves through the slab as water. Eventually, this can cause spalling, crumbling, cracking, and more extensive damage. We have developed a method by which excess water vapor is controlled and the problems associated with it are neutralized. With Arizona Foundation Solutions, water vapor damage will become a thing of the past.

Vapor & Gas Mitigation Solutions

Arizona Foundation Solutions has spent decades honing and perfecting the solutions for common vapor and gas infiltration at the commercial scale. If your structure has experienced issues with gasses before, then we have the right tools for the job. Follow our link below to see our full suite of gas and vapor mitigation solutions.

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