Anticipated Undermining

Anticipated Undermining

When planning new construction or excavation near existing structures, undermining potential must be identified beforehand and included in the planning process. New construction plans must be analyzed carefully before a proper solution can be designed and calculated to ensure the long-term performance of the systems and structures installed.

Intentional Undermining in Commercial Construction

Undermining is common in construction situations involving adaptive reuse architecture and urban infills. These projects often occur in densely populated and urbanized areas in which new construction will have to contend with existing structures and their foundations. New footings in adaptive reuse and urban infills are often installed close to existing footings, and proper support is necessary to ensure the stability of both during construction.

Support for existing footing

Anticipated undermining applications include:

  • Installing New Construction Near Existing Footings: Construction near existing footings requires meticulous planning and expert execution. During the design process, undermining of existing footings should be prepared for, whether you're building a sunken pool, working in tight-access urban environments, or constructing near buried infrastructure. Our experts at A NO Dealers have the tools and experience to ensure the integrity of any existing footing in the construction area. Our high-quality helical and micro piles are perfect for any application, capable of supporting heavy loads while operating in a small footprint.

Intentional Undermining Solutions

Arizona Foundation Solutions offers top-tier solutions for construction situations involving anticipated undermining. Our products and services are best-in-class, and our expert teams bring decades of experience to every single job site.

Arizona Foundation Solutions will customize a solution tailored directly to your anticipated undermining needs. We offer a best-in-class portfolio of products, expert workmanship, and decades of experience to ensure your satisfaction.

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