Lightly-Loaded Structures

Lightly Loaded Structures

Lightly loaded structures like greenhouses, metal buildings, awnings, or sail structures require unique foundation and support features due to uplift and wind resistance requirements. Structures with moderate or heavy loadings are not as susceptible to heavy winds or uplift, and can be supported by traditional foundation solutions. Lightly loaded structures, however, must make use of huge, expensive concrete footings or alternative technologies to hold the structure down, meet code requirements, and ensure the integrity of the structure over time.

Lightly Loaded Structure Applications

  • Metal Building Construction: Lightweight metal building construction has grown in popularity over time, due in part to installation speeds and cost-efficiency. Metal buildings are not constructed with traditional materials like concrete or wood, and thus produce lighter loadings than their counterparts. Wind load and uplift resistance requirements are increasing as extreme weather becomes more common. Arizona Foundation Solutions has developed a suite of solutions to properly support and strengthen metal buildings, tailored to meet any load requirement. We utilize helical and micro piles to provide lasting support for metal buildings, offering innovative processes such as pre-installation pile cap augering. Our experts have decades of experience with metal building construction, and are ready to help you meet your deadlines and properly secure your structures.
  • Greenhouses, Awnings/Sail Structures, and Other Light Structures: Small or impermanent structures, such as large transparent greenhouses, require foundations like any construction. These structures often utilize plastic and other lightweight composites in construction, and are susceptible to wind load and uplift forces. Much like metal structures, specialty foundation products are required to ensure these structures' long-term stability. Arizona Foundation Solutions's top-tier products and expert services can do just that, saving you money on installation times and providing long-term cost savings by building proper foundation systems during initial construction.
  • Ground-Mounted Solar: 
    Ground-mounted solar uplift prevention mounts
    Arizona Foundation Solutions's involvement in the Solana solar project proves out aptitude in ground-mounted solar installations. Solar panels are lightweight materials, susceptible to wind and typical uplift forces. Their high cost and role as power generators foists an additional degree of care and precision upon their installers, and like any lightweight structure, they must be properly secured and supported. We are experts in this field, and have installed ground-mounted solar equipment at scale on numerous occasions with excellent results.

Commercial Lightly Loaded Structure Solutions

Indoor micropile installation

Whatever the structure, Arizona Foundation Solutions has the solutions and expertise to get the job done. We are proven experts in the field of lightly-loaded structure installations, offering a suite of high-quality and trusted products and services utilized throughout Arizona.

The experts are standing by, eagerly awaiting your communication. We offer reliable, trustworthy solutions for commercial lightly-loaded structure foundation construction across our great state. Give us a call!

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