Concrete Repair

Commercial Concrete Repair

Commercial concrete repair

Over time, even the sturdiest of structures can succumb to the forces of nature - concrete slabs, while mighty, are no exception. Weak soils can cause settlement, and a myriad of other common foundation issues can lead to cracking, sinking, rising, and other damages to your structure's concrete. When your concrete begins to exhibit signs of stress, it's time to call in the experts.

Arizona Foundation Solutions is an expert in the commercial concrete repair space. If your structure or property has cracked pavement, chipped warehouse floors, sinking or broken sidewalks, or any other issue necessitating a concrete repair, we have the solution for you.

Commercial Concrete Solutions

Commercial concrete problems

Specific problems require specific solutions. Arizona Foundation Solutions offers a variety of concrete repair tools to address the spectrum of concrete issues.

PolyLevel® and Slabjacking: PolyLevel® and slabjacking are two distinct methods of leveling concrete slabs, with PolyLevel® representing the true cutting-edge of the technology and process. Both solutions involve injecting materials into void spaces or areas required to lift slabs to the desired level, and are hugely effective in their roles.

Crack Stitching: When a large concrete slab cracks, a strong solution is required to keep the crack from growing and further damaging the structure. Using a combination of urethane injections and carbon fiber reinforcement, Arizona Foundation Solutions will leave your cracked slab or pavement stronger than it was before the damage had taken hold.

Customized Concrete Repair Solutions

In some situations, a fully-customized solution is required to meet a client's needs. Combinations of the solutions listed above may be required, with other products and services from our catalogue joining forces to provide you with the results you desire.

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