Unintentional Undermining

Unintentional Undermining

Not every construction project goes according to plan. At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we've been called to build and dig sites that have produced an uncomfortable phenomenon - accidental or unintentional undermining.  When a structure or piece of buried infrastructure is accidentally undermined, immediate repairs and support are required to ensure the integrity of the structure in question. 

Accidental undermining

Years of experience have prepared Arizona Foundation Solutions to deal with any unintentional undermining situation, regardless of construction type or extenuating circumstance.

Unintentional Undermining Remediation Applications

  • Discovering Unanticipated Buried Infrastructure: Additions or modifications to existing structures sometimes occur on grounds not mapped in the originally planned area. It's common to unearth unmarked or unanticipated buried infrastructure in a new build site, steps must be taken to avoid damaging the existing construction while still properly supporting the new structure. Arizona Foundation Solutions offers solutions to this issue, such as helical and micro piles, that can provide support at key points while operating with a minimal footprint. In this way, we can work around hidden buried infrastructure with ease.
  • Soil Shoring: On occasion, soils at a new construction site perform at lower levels than anticipated, creating the potential for accidental undermining through loss of stability and even collapse. We offer soil shoring solutions to prevent accidental undermining, using helical and micro piles, soil nails, and tiebacks when necessary. We can ensure that any undermining at your construction is planned ahead of time or prevented outright.


Unintentional Undermining Solutions

Arizona Foundation Solutions has decades of experience in the full spectrum of commercial foundation solutions, including both avoiding and remedying accidental undermining.

When you partner with Arizona Foundation Solutions, you're partnering with decades of experience and the highest degree of professionalism. Our project managers and in house engineers will work closely with your engineer of record to arrive at cost effective, innovative, engineering vetted solutions that will have long term performance.

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