Concrete Crack Repair

Commercial Concrete Crack Repairs

Cracks in pavement or concrete slabs can materialize for any variety of reasons, including initial shrinkage, frequent evaporation of surface water, uneven supports with heavy loads, and thermal movements caused by freezing and thawing. In most cases, a long-term repair for cracked may be more possible than you'd assume.

Floor Stitching - Professional Concrete Crack Repair

Arizona Foundation Solutions provides a crack stitching solution that employs the power of carbon fiber.

Crack stitching process

In traditional crack stitching, metal dowels are inserted into cuts made perpendicular to the crack. While this method is effective, our carbon fiber method is less expensive, less disruptive to the business owner, and require less heavy equipment than the traditional method, combining for a much easier installation process for all involved.

Carbon Fiber Crack Stitching

Step One: After the crack is identified, a series of parallel cuts are made to the concrete, perpendicular to the crack itself. These cuts give the treatment its name, as they resemble perpendicular stitches on a wound.

Step Two: Once the cuts are made, each will receive an ultra high-strength carbon fiber laminate rod, inserted into the length of the cut.

Step Three: A high-strength, low-viscosity polyurea compound is injected around the carbon fiber laminate, which cures rapidly and creates a stronger-than-steel crack repair solution.

Step Four: The area is then ground to a smooth finish, leaving only a minor indication that the crack had existed, and that repairs were made.

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