Pressure Grouting Applications

Pressure Grouting Applications

When Do You Need Pressure Grouting?

Underground Infrastructure Stabilization

Pressure grouting is one of many tools in the Arizona Foundation Solutions toolbelt, and serves a wide variety of roles in the underground infrastructure stabilization world. Pipes, utility vaults, lines & conduits, and tunnels can develop structural weaknesses over time. Some issues, like leaking and corrosion, can be remedied by various methods of concrete repair and waterproofing. Other issues, particularly settlement resultant from soil weakness, could require several different techniques to properly address.

Pressure Grouting

Solutions for more complex issues may include cement grouting, chemical grouting, micropile or helical pile installation, or even the use of carbon fiber reinforcement. When loose soils are causing issues, pressure grouting can be used to inject strength and support directly into the problem areas, providing a dense, stable area of soil from which other solutions can be implemented. Arizona Foundation Solutions offers several types of cement and chemical grouting, with varying features to meet the specific needs of any job.

Filling Abandoned Underground Pipe

As underground infrastructure ages and the landscape of commercial structures changes to meet the needs of new eras, masses of underground piping and other infrastructure is left abandoned. Arizona Foundation Solutions pioneered a process that utilizes lightweight, flowable, geofoam cementitious grouts for filling abandoned hollow infrastructure. Since its inception, the process has seen tremendous success across all instances in which it was employed, and continues to gain support as the days go by.

Mitigation of Anticipated Soft Soils and Shoring Existing Soil

In some locations, such as those with high water tables, engineers may identify a strong likelihood of future weakness in the soil. While soil in construction areas may be strong when the structure is raised, preemptively shoring the strength of desired areas using pressure grouting can save immense time and hassle in the long term.

Scenarios may present themselves wherein existing construction requires additional soil shoring for purposes of building additions/new construction, or simply for alleviating an identified weakness in the structure's surrounding soil. Pressure grouting applications are available from Arizona Foundation Solutions for both new-build and existing soil shoring operations.

Sinking, Cracked Concrete

Over time, large concrete slabs can be subjected to settlement. Common symptoms include cracking, uneven levels, chipping, and more. Arizona Foundation Solutions utilizes techniques such as slab jacking and pressure crack injection to fill cracks and lift large slabs to the desired level through a fast, economical process.

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