Caisson Replacements

Commercial Caisson Replacements

Caissons are watertight, pressurized support structures used in the construction of underwater infrastructure, such as bridge foundations, dam support pilings, and more. We also consider any support structure constructed by pouring into a hollow cylindrical form as a caisson. These structures are under constant pressure from a multitude of angles, and by their nature are high-stress areas of construction. At Arizona Foundation Solutions, we have had the pleasure of working with commercial structure owners across Arizona for decades, honing our skills in caisson repair and replacement. We're on standby to bring our high-quality products and engineered solutions to you and your commercial construction.

Caisson Replacement Applications

Arizona caisson replacement

Structural caissons, those found in dry-ground applications, can be replaced with helical or micro piles. Concrete and rebar caissons are heavy, large structures prone to distress over time. Constructions made with concrete always have to contend with the typical freeze and thaw cycles, water infiltration, and interior metal corrosion issues of all concrete structures. With our top-tier pile technologies, we can generate the required support for your structure with less material and in a smaller footprint. We install helical and micro piles in tight access areas as well as wide-open spaces, taking advantage of the system's high load-bearing capacity and long-term durability to transfer cost savings to our customers.

Caisson Replacement Solutions

Arizona Foundation Solutions offers multiple solutions for caisson replacement, including helical and micro piles. For detailed information on both solutions, follow the links below.

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